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Mid 1-09 - Ryerson University Department of Mathematics MTH...

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Ryerson University Department of Mathematics MTH 140 Fall 2009 – Test I LAST NAME: FIRST NAME: (Please print) (Please print) I.D. NUMBER: SIGNATURE: Date: October 2, 2009 Duration: 70 min. Version: White 765-BG ð
Please indicate your section (check the appropriate box): Prof. Pascal :
Sec. 1
Sec. 2
Sec. 3
Sec. 4
Sec. 5
Sec. 6 Prof. Wang :
Sec. 7
Sec. 8
Sec. 9
Sec. 10
Sec. 11 Prof. Bonato :
Sec. 12
Sec. 13
Sec. 14
Sec. 15
Sec. 16
Sec. 17 Prof. Ferrando :
Sec. 18
Sec. 19
Sec. 20
Sec. 21
Sec. 22
Sec. 23 INSTRUCTIONS : Verify that your exam has 6 pages including this page. The use of notes, formula sheets, books or cal- culators is not allowed. For full-answer questions: Give full justification for your answers; correct answers alone may be worth nothing. Cross out or erase all rough work not relevant to your solution. Write your solutions in the space pro- vided. If you need more space, use the back of the page. Indicate this fact on the original page, making sure that your solution cannot be confused with any rough work which may be there.
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