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Week 4 Forum - Leadership Behavior

Week 4 Forum - Leadership Behavior - higher work...

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Dustin Taylor Week 4 Discussion Leadership Behavior Topic: 360° feedback What is 360° feedback? 360° feedback utilizes feedback and reports from many sources around them. This includes self- appraisal, along with reports from peers, bosses, and subordinates. Why is it important? Let's be honest, most self-appraisals are pretty useless. If you could recognize the things you're doing wrong, why aren't you changing them? Subordinates don't often give accurate accounts of their work situation for fear of repercussions. While 360° feedback certainly isn't foolproof, I think it's one of the best ways to measure the performance of a leader. Having information and feedback from all directions can often times give a more accurate look at how someone is doing at their job. Not only does it help rate the performance of a leader, some evidence suggests leaders that are subject to 360° feedback have
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Unformatted text preview: higher work performance than those leaders that do not receive 360° feedback. How should a leader apply it to drive performance? Many times, what people tell us face-to face isn't how they really feel. I think a leader can use 360° feedback to find out what the other people in an organization think about his performance. He can use these reviews to make changes in his leadership approach, hopefully getting more out of the rest of his team. Other thoughts? The book seems to hedge its bets on the success of 360° feedback. It gives information that leans both directions. Personally, I have had nothing but positive experiences with 360° feedback. It seemed to do what it was supposed to do: provide team members a way to give an honest opinion on how another member is performing in their role....
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