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Dustin Taylor Week 4 Discussion Leadership Traits What do you think are the most important traits a leader should posses? Why? 1. Confidence – A good leader needs for his followers to have confidence in him. But if a leader doesn't believe in himself, nobody else will believe in him either. Unfortunately, many people step over the line from self-confidence to cockiness. This just causes followers to think you're arrogant, and most people will respond negatively to arrogance. 2. Fairness – All members of a team want to be treated as equals. If members feel that the leader is being unfair or playing favorites, it can lead to resentment among the group. 3. Passion – Why did you become a leader? Was it for the paycheck? The followers need to see that the
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Unformatted text preview: leader has a passion for whatever it is that they are doing. If the leader is phoning it in, I can guarantee the rest of the team will too. 4. Focus When trying to get a job finished, it's often very easy to get sidetracked along the way. A leader needs to be someone that can stay focused on the task at hand, along with keeping the rest of team focused. 5. Compassion Not everything is about numbers and figures. There will be certain times that a leader needs to be able to show compassion to the followers and show that he cares about them as a person, and not just a follower. Of course, there are man more traits that a good leader needs to have. But, I think these are a few of the ones that I like to see in someone who is leading me....
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