Week 4 Assignment 1

Week 4 Assignment 1 - Dustin Taylor MGMT 620 Week 4...

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Dustin Taylor MGMT 620 Week 4 – Assignment 1 What traits do you find desirable in a leader? How about personality, intelligence, and emotional intelligence. Are there certain behaviors that successful leaders seem to have in common? For example, a leader that uses framing, mobilization, and goal emphasis to their advantage might have a better chance at being successful than a leader that doesn't exhibit those behaviors. Let's take a look at leadership traits, leadership behaviors, and the impact that these combined factors can have on the success, or lack thereof, a someone in a leadership role. Personality Our textbook gives two definitions of the word personality. The first definition refers to the impression that a person makes on other people. The second, focuses on the underlying, unseen structures and processes inside a person that explain why we behave the way we do. While there are thousands of individual traits that make up personalities, research has shown that personality traits can be categorized into five broad categories. Surgency is a trait linked to ambition and the desire to be in charge. It is a trait shared by many leaders that are competitive and self-confident. This is a trait that is very prominent when I look at my
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Week 4 Assignment 1 - Dustin Taylor MGMT 620 Week 4...

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