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Are leaders and followers motivated by the same things? In many instances, I would say that leaders and followers are motivated by the same things. They may be motivated by the success of a project, or seeing the group succeed at something in particular. Other times, leaders and followers may have completely different motivations. I think every case is different, so I guess the answer is yes, no, and maybe. What motivates you? For me, I like to achieve things. That may sound simple, but I always have something specific that I'm looking to achieve that keeps me motivated. It used to be to get sober. Then it was getting my bachelor's degree. Now it's getting my MBA. I try to set goals that are difficult, yet achievable. Every time I reach a goal, I just set a new one. I have lots of things to achieve, so I don't see myself lacking motivation any time soon. What motivates leaders? Besides the obvious things like success, money, or fame, I think that great leaders are often
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Unformatted text preview: motivated by the followers themselves. A true leader sees things in the followers that they may not even see inside of themselves. They get the best out of people, and are motivated by the genuine desire to see those people succeed. What motivates followers? Each follower will have their own motivation. Some are motivated by the need to achieve success, while other are looking for job security. Each person is different, so I don't really think there are right and wrong answers. Nearly anything could be used as motivation by someone. As a leader, how do you plan to motivate your follower-ship The key is to find out what motivates each of your followers. I don't think a leader can treat all employees the same by motivating them all in the same way. I think in order to have loyal and motivated followers, they need to feel that their needs are being met individually, not just the needs of the group....
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