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Professor Hand Expository Writing Spring Semester 2012 Assignment: Close Reading Text: Daniel Gilbert, “Immune to Reality,” in Stumbling on Happiness . Due: Tuesday, January 24. Late assignments will result in a half-letter grade deduction Requirements: 3-page minimum 12-point type, Times New Roman Double-spaced 1-inch margins MLA format (refer to your grammar book for correct format) Read the following passage carefully. Employ the close reading skills discussed in class. Answer the bold-face question in your essay. Refer to the text to justify your argument. Intense suffering is one factor that can trigger our defenses and thus influence our experience in ways we don’t anticipate. But there are others. For example, why do we forgive our siblings for behavior we would never tolerate in a friend? Why aren’t we disturbed when the president does something that would have kept us from voting for him had he done it before the election? Why do we overlook an employee’s chronic tardiness
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