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Editing Your Paper - 174 4 Pick a paragraph that you are...

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Editing Your Paper Checklist These are some of the problem areas that I noticed in your first papers. Go through the list and edit your paper as you do. This method will insure that your papers are readable and that your ideas come through. 1. Circle your thesis statement. If you can’t find it, then you need to develop one. Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this paper?” Look at pages 8 and 145 2. Circle the topic sentences for each of your paragraphs. Do they tell the reader what the paragraph is about? If not, identify the subject of the paragraph and write an appropriate topic sentence. Look at pages 22-25 3. Circle all of the quotes you used. Do you introduce them using phrases like “According to”…, or “As stated by”… etc. Do you explain why each quote is important and/or do you link it to the topic? If not, do so now. Look at pages 171-
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Unformatted text preview: 174 4. Pick a paragraph that you are having trouble with. Read each sentence. Find the subject and verb. Can you eliminate any of the words in your sentences? Do any of them seem awkward? Do you have any fragments or run-ons? Are your sentences linked to one another? Do they have a common purpose? If not, develop transition sentences. Look at pages 36-41, and 67 5. Look at the question. Did you answer it fully? 6. Do you go beyond compare/contrast, or agree/disagree? Can you discuss one author through the lens of another? For example, does Gilbert complicate Sacks’s view of perception? Does Sacks undermine Gilbert’s view or does he extend the argument? 7. If you have time, repeat step 4 using another paragraph....
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