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Making Connections - one Using your rough draft work on...

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Expos Spring 2012 Professor Hand Activity: Making Connections When using quotations in your papers you must integrate them into the text. This process can be simplified to four steps. 1. Make a claim. This is a statement that you have made that will be discussed in the paragraph. 2. Choose a quotation that supports your claim. Make sure to introduce it. Look at page 172 in the grammar book. 3. Explain the quotation in your own words. 4. Tell the reader how the quotation supports your claim. If you follow this format your quotations will be integrated into the text. If you are unable to complete step four, then you know that the quotation is not working. Choose another
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Unformatted text preview: one. Using your rough draft work on integrating quotations into your text. 1. Find a quotation that is not integrated. 2. Read the paragraph in which it appears. What is the topic sentence or claim you are trying to make in this paragraph? Write it down. 3. Look at the quotation. Does it support your claim? If so, introduce it to the reader. Look at page 172 in the grammar book. 4. Write a sentence that explains the quotation. 5. Tell the reader how this quotation supports your claim. 6. REPEAT for other quotations that need work....
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