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Professor Hand Expository Writing Spring Semester 2012 Assignment: Paper 1 Text: Daniel Gilbert, “Immune to Reality,” in Stumbling on Happiness . Rough draft due: Tuesday, January 31 . Late assignments will result in a half-letter grade deduction. (3 pages minimum) BRING THREE COPIES OF YOUR ROUGH DRAFT TO CLASS Final draft of paper due: Tuesday, February 7. Late assignments will result in a full letter grade deduction. (5 pages minimum) Requirements: 12-point type, Times New Roman Double-spaced 1-inch margins MLA format (refer to your grammar book for correct format) In Gilbert’s chapter, “Immune to Reality,” he discusses the way we manipulate our
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Unformatted text preview: notions of happiness through the rationalization of traumatic events. He stated, “The process by which we generate positive reviews are many: we pay more attention to favorable information, we surround ourselves with those who provide it, and we accept it uncritically” (146). Gilbert bases this statement on a variety of experiments that demonstrate how we change our view of experiences in order to cope with their outcomes. Using Gilbert’s essay address the following question: How would you characterize the relationship between individual perception and reality?...
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