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Sacks Discussion Questions

Sacks Discussion Questions - Professor Hand Expository...

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Professor Hand Expository Writing Spring Semester 2012 Assignment: Discussion Questions Text: Oliver Sacks, “The Mind’s Eye” Oliver Sacks considers the experiences of several people who lost their sight at some point in their lifetime. Using the text answer the following questions in your groups. As you are discussing Sack’s essay, consider how it relates to Gilbert’s findings about the way the brain manipulates facts. Questions for discussion: 1. In the passage we discussed for the close reading on Tuesday Sacks poses this question: “ Does the mind run the brain or the brain the mind – or, rather, to what extent does one run the other?” Most of the discussion that follows this question, however, concerns the experience of blindness. Instead of providing an extended analysis of mental processing or brain chemistry, Sacks gives us details about people who have lost their vision and then adapted in a different way. How do these accounts of blindness connect to the debate about mind and brain?
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