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Professor Hand Group Assignment Working With Vocabulary One of the challenges that students face in Expos is the complexity of the vocabulary found in most of the readings. This assignment will help you to isolate difficult words or phrases in a reading and make sense of their meaning. This approach will enable you to comprehend the overall theme of the text so that you are better able to incorporate it into your own writings. Assignment: Each group will be given a term or phrase from “Immune to Reality,” by Daniel Gilbert Using the context in which the term or phrase is used, try to define its meaning. Some of the phrases you may encounter have several interpretations. Write down any that apply. You will present your findings to the entire class. Group 1: “favorable facts” (134, paragraph 1) ameliorate (143, paragraph 2) Group 2: “cook facts” (134, paragraph 2) “After all, rejection is a major whack on the nose, and we expect it to hurt whether the whacker is a judge, a jury, or a gang of Orthodox rabbis.” (136, paragraph 1)
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Unformatted text preview: Group 3: “iniquitous individuals” (138, paragraph 3) “critical threshold” (138, paragraph 3) Group 4: “psychological immune system” (136, paragraph 2) “If you’ve ever puked your guts out shortly after eating chili con carne and found yourself unable to eat it again for years, you have a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be a fruit fly.” (142, paragraph 2) Group 5: “disproportional emotional impact” (144, paragraph 3) “irrepressible explanatory urge” (145, paragraph 3) Group 6: “conundrums” (144, paragraph 3) “Unexplained events have two qualities that amplify and extend their emotional impact.” (144, paragraph 2) Presentation: 1. Please direct the class to the page and paragraph where your phrase occurs. 2. One member of the group should read the entire paragraph to the class 3. What is the meaning of the word or phrase? 4. Why is it included in the text?...
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