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Chem 160 Sp 12 General Information - GENERAL CHEMISTRY FOR...

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GENERAL CHEMISTRY FOR ENGINEERS (01:160:160) GENERAL INFORMATION, SPRING 2012 Welcome to Chemistry 160, the second semester of General Chemistry for Engineers. This handout provides information concerning course policies and procedures. You are responsible for all the information in this handout. A syllabus may be attached or provided separately. Details of the online homework may be attached or provided separately also. The material on this web page is copyrighted and may not be posted on any other web site at or outside of Rutgers without permission. Any violation of this policy will be treated as an academic integrity violation and will be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for action. LEARNING GOALS FOR STUDENTS 1. Understand and Apply Basic Principles and Concepts in Chemistry as Applied to Engineering Topics Specifically 1 : Intermolecular Forces Properties of Solutions Kinetics Equilibria Thermodynamics Electrochemistry Nuclear Chemistry 2. Explain and be Able to Assess the Relationship Among Assumptions, Method, Evidence, Arguments, and Theory in the Analysis of Chemistry and Chemical Systems as demonstrated by the following 2 : Development of the Ability to Relate the Concepts Learned in the First Goal to Each Other in Ways that Were Not Directly Explained in Class Application of the Concepts Learned in the First Goal to Conceptual and Computational Problems Relevant to General Chemistry Interpretation of Graphical and Tabular Data Expression of Physical, Chemical or Engineering Processes in a Mathematical Form Solving Equations to Determine the Value of Physical, Chemical, and Engineering Variables Development of Critical Thinking Skills for the Application of Knowledge to Engineering Processes Understanding of the Basics of the Scientific Method by Applying a Relevant Body of Knowledge to the Evaluation of Existing Scientific Studies and the Design of Studies to Test Specific Hypotheses Assessment of Students An integrated approach to assessing the achievement of the learning goals 1 and 2 will be used combining traditional and modern techniques. These techniques include the use of a mixture of multiple choice exam questions, use of an online assessment, review, and instruction system with animations, and interactive quizzes, pop quizzes,and other activities aimed specifically at each of these learning goals. 1 Core Curriculum Goal e 2 Core Curriculum Goal f Chem 160 Spring 2012 General Information 1
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LECTURERS, COORDINATOR/ADMINSTRATOR Lecturers: Dr. Setareh Marvasti (first half of the semester) E mail: Dr. Gene Hall (second half of the semester) E mail: Course Coordinator/Administrator: Dr. Setareh Marvasti REQUIRED MATERIALS (same as used in Chemistry 159 last semester, your online homework is valid for both semesters) 1) "Principles of General Chemistry” , Second Edition, by Martin S. Silberberg. Lecture material and homework problems originate in this textbook. 2) "Student Solutions Manual" , by Patricia Amateis, for use with the above textbook.
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Chem 160 Sp 12 General Information - GENERAL CHEMISTRY FOR...

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