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Recitation Problems – Week 1 440:127 – Spring 2012 – S. J. Orfanidis Please do the following problems from your textbook during your recitation session, including any addi- tional problems given to you by your TA. 1. Practice Exercises 2.3 Practice Exercises 2.4 2. Consider the vectors a=[ 1245 ]; b=[ 5421 ] Perform the following element-wise operations and then try to understand them by re-doing them by hand: a + 10, a*10, a + b, a.*b, a./b, a + 1./b, 1./a + b, a.^2, a + b.^2, a.^2./a, a.^2./b, (a.^2)./b, a.^(2./b), a./b.^2, (a./b).^2
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Work through the code necessary to reproduce every detail of the f vs. k graph on p. 46 of the week-1 lecture notes, and understand what every part of the code does—execute each part separately to observe its effect on the graph. If necessary continue this part in week-2 recitation. 5. It is desirable to get an early understanding of the fprintf command. Please work through the code examples on pp. 52–60 of week-1 lecture notes (do pp. 52–53 last). If necessary, please continue this part on week-2 recitations. 1...
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