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Recitation Problems – Week 2 440:127 – Spring 2012 – S. J. Orfanidis Please work on the following problems during your recitation session, including any additional problems given to you by your TA. Please type in the code examples by hand and make sure your Fgure out what each part of the code does. 1. Work through the code examples on pp. 5–7 of week-2 lecture notes. 2. Work through the cumsum code examples on pp. 19–21 of week-2 lecture notes (the required Fle aaron.dat
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Unformatted text preview: can be downloaded from sakai under Resources for Week-2.) 3. Work through the sorting examples on pp. 22–24 of week-2 lecture notes. 4. Work through the plotting examples on pp. 28–31 of week-2 lecture notes. 5. Work through the function minimization examples on pp. 32–35 of week-2 lecture notes. 6. Practice Exercises 3.5 Practice Exercises 3.6 – do also sum, prod, cumsum, cumprod for the rows and columns Practice Exercises 3.7 Practice Exercises 3.8 1...
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