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dbmeier_10762 course description - To My English 1A...

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To: My English 1A Students From: Dan Meier: Office 252G: Phone 585-7422 email: [email protected] Subject: Course Description and My Expectations Welcome to English 1A but be prepared for a challenging semester of reading and writing. You will be required to read at least 5 texts and write at least 10 comprehensive papers, most of which will demand library research. These papers must be typed . As I see it, my job is to teach you the techniques that make for a college paper, and your job is to practice those techniques in the weeks that follow. To that end, I will, through class lectures and professional and student writing samples, provide you with the methods to build a focused and idea-competent paper. At semester’s end—and to pass this class—I expect that you can write a university level paper, one that presents an interesting premise and is well-argued, supporting your ideas with correctly documented research. Whoa, now, research you say! Remember your job as a writer is to share interesting and many times helpful information with the reader. In other words, a writer is a researcher who, like a scientist, uncovers facts, makes observations and offers interpretations about society and us. Isn’t that why you read, to learn something? And unless you are a walking library, full ideas, I don’t see how you will write anything interesting or helpful without doing research.
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This note was uploaded on 02/21/2012 for the course ENG 33 taught by Professor Meier during the Spring '09 term at Pasadena City College.

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dbmeier_10762 course description - To My English 1A...

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