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Essay Questions for Give Me a Break 1. Summarize Stossel’s background and road to becoming a journalist. Further, he is a Libertarian. What is the Libertarian position? (Use the internet to find this answer and give me the source) Interview a few history or political science teachers to flesh out your answer. (Give me the names of the teachers). Also, using this website http://www.theadvocates.org/ruwart/categories_list.php , research 5 major social issues, such as legalizing drugs or raising the minimum wage, and provide the libertarian response. 2. Stossel argues that most consumer protection laws, state agencies, unions and licensing boards hurt the consumer and the entrepreneur. What is the evidence he gives to support this claim? Show how the Davis-Bacon Act serves as an example of how the government wastes time and the taxpayer’s money. Using www.Reason.com and typing in “government wastes taxpayer’s money, summarize a few of the articles. Further, watch the PBS video called “GoodIntentions” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1r- , where economist Walter Williams (author of a famous book entitled The State Against Blacks ) and others expand the argument that government intervention hurts the poor and has had an especially negative effect on minorities. State the claim of the video and provide the supporting grounds arguments in an answer that will be at least 3 pages. 3. Stossel believes that competition will serve to give consumers better products as well as protection from being cheated or injured. What are the examples he uses to support his claim? What would Stossel say about the recent protests in America against using child labor in factories overseas? Further, explain why Stossel argues against FDA protection. 4. American students and teachers are fond of demonizing “evil corporations” and creating a climate of fear about what we eat, wear, drive and even watch on T.V. Explain how your teachers, your reading and your T.V. programs perpetuate this belief that big business capitalism wants to ruin your life. Explain what Stossel means when he states that the
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dbmeier_11401 give me a break - Essay Questions for Give Me...

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