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Small Group Communication What makes a small group? 3 or more Shared perceptions Interdependence Requires communication When are individuals better than groups? When highly specialized expertise is what you need. Group “buy-in” is un important When task can be easily segmented into parts. When time is very limited. Set Group communication Rules Examples: Every one gets a chance to talk interruptions are not allowed Call if you will miss a meeting stay on topic meet the deadline Create Group Structures Agenda Records (minutes) Time limits Roles (e.g., process monitor, devils advocate)
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Create Roles and Functions (know the difference) Task --analyze problem --propose decision-making criteria --generate solution --devil’s advocate Relational -- process monitor --conflict manager “Social Loafing” Reflective Thinking Model 1. Recognize that a problem exists 2. Define that nature and scope of the problem
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Unformatted text preview: --What are the causes of the problem? 3. Generate multiple solutions (brain storm) 4. Develop criteria and apply to each solution 5. Select the best solution 6. Assess the “fit” of the solution. Be critical Divergent Thinking Brainstorming Guidelines 1. no criticism 2. “hitch hiking” 3. quantity over quality 4. everyone participates Group Task: You are a group of ASU students, faculty and administrators. Many older visitors have been coming to the campus for events and classes. They have been experiencing access difficulties. What can the West campus do to be more accommodating to older visitors and students? You have a very limited budget to make structural changes. You have to keep the needs of all students and visitors in mind. Provide a list of changes/solutions to the problem. Order in term of preference....
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100Small Groupch - -What are the causes of the problem 3...

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