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33B Sentence Patterns First Week 1. There are three ways to improve my sentences 2. There are many ways to focus an essay. 3. There are many jobs that do not require a college degree. 4. There are certain sentences I must never write in 33B. 5. It is not necessary to have a college degree to find a good job. 6. Specialized training in a job allows for advancement. It means that you must continue learning new job skills to receive better pay. 7. A college degree is necessary for some majors, of course. For example, it is required if you want to be a chemist or a doctor. 8. Many websites advertise for schools that specialize in training people for immediate employment. It is required that you pay more for these schools than for public education. 9. P.C.C. offers students training in specific technical majors. Here a student can study it for maybe a year or more. He or she can graduate and get a job in it almost immediately.
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