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Reading and Researching America Chapter 1: Benjamin Franklin Reading Questions, Vocabulary and Quotations and Paraphrase—Due Wednesday 1. What kind of books did Franklin read, and in what ways did they influence him? Explain what book has influenced you? How did the 2. How did the Spectator improve Franklin’s writing? What specific techniques would you use to help a friend improve his or her reading, writing and grammar skills in English? 3. Franklin did not have a strong relationship with his family members. What are the reasons he was in conflict with them, especially his brother? What are reasons in general that children do not get along with parents and other relatives? 4. Explain the situation that put Franklin in charge of the newspaper and later enabled him to escape from his apprenticeship? 5. How did Franklin choose and organize his list of virtues? In what ways did Franklin follow his list of virtues? From this list, what are the most important virtues that one should follow? Explain why. 6. Franklin argues that the virtues he lists will improve a person’s life. In what other ways can a person improve his or her life? Many young people seem to be wasting their life-- or at least not doing much to improve themselves. What are the reasons why? Vocabulary: For each of the words on page 21, you are to write a complete sentence that defines the word. For example, for the word “genius,” you might write a sentence like this: A genius possesses an intelligence exceeding the average individual. Quotations and Paraphrases: Pages 22 and 23 ask you to rewrite the passages from The Autobiography and Other Writings using you own words to express the same idea. You need to also find a passage on your own, quote that passage and then paraphrase the passage. Here is an example of how to paraphrase. Study It!
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dbmeier_9245 - Reading and Researching America Chapter 1:...

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