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Claim and Topic Sentence Outline and Integrating Quotes and Paraphrases Claim paragraph with Introduction Advertisements have the single purpose of selling products by appealing to a consumer’s dreams, hopes and desires. Advertising companies spend billions of dollars on marketing research to find out what consumers want. For example, Abercombie Fitch, a company that used to target mature adults, now appeals to a younger generation of children and teens. Nothing escapes the attention of the advertising company. The advertisements in What Matters in America as well as in a cosmetics advertisement in Cosmopolitan use images and language to sell products and ideas. The Honda advertisement sells the idea that buying a Honda will give the driver peace of mind. Support Sentence. Support Sentence. Support Sentence (support sentences are built upon the questions asked by both the topic sentence and primary sentences. The “Vans” advertisement uses the idea of “cool” to sell the reader.
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