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dbmeier_absolute and participle phrases

dbmeier_absolute and participle phrases - Rachael...

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Rachael Koestartyo ESL33B 7:30-10:30 Prof. Meier 8 July 2009 More Absolute Phrases and Participles 1. Complex Sentence, adverb clause, absolute phrase describing object of adverb clause James listens to the preacher when he waited for his mother, talking to the nurse. 2. Complex Sentence, adjective whom clause to describe specific object noun James listens to the college student in the dentist’s office, whom the preacher is talking to. 3. Complex Sentence, adverb clause at end of independent clause, adjective whom clause to describe object noun in adverb clause Sarty does not want to testify against his father because he loves his father, whom he hopes to change. 4. Complex Sentence, adverb clause at beginning of independent clause, absolute phrase describing subject noun of adverb clause. After Mr. Snopes, his face full of hatred, ruined the rug, he burnt the barn down. 5. Compound/Complex sentence, adjective whom clause after subject of first independent clause and adjective clause after object of second independent clause.
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