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America still stands as the land of opportunity for people around the world. In Taiwan, where I come from, my classmates used to talk about what advantages we would have living in America. Not only we would have freedom, but also we would be able to live richly. Immigrating to America has improved my life in many ways. First, I have an opportunity to continue my education whereas in Taiwan, I did not have this chance. Although I am a college graduate in my country, I could not continue school because of personal reasons. However, immigrating to America has allowed me to begin a new life. I am able to take classes for little expense in areas I am interested in. Further, I can also study for a master’s degree whereas in Taiwan, my age prevented me from returning to school. Second, coming to America has given me the opportunity to become financially independent. In Taiwan, my job advancement was limited, and my salary was low. Although I do not have job now, I will in the future after I finish a degree in teaching. Also, teacher’s pay in America is
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