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Chapter 2: Frederick Douglas and “The Sky is Gray” Reading Questions—Due Monday 1. What did Douglas know about his family, and what else did he want to know? What did James find out about his mother regarding her qualities? 2. What were the reasons that Mr. Auld treated Douglas in the way he did? And what were the reasons that Mrs. Auld turned against Douglas? What were the reasons that the white couple in “The Sky is Gray” treated James and his mother in the way they did? 3. What were the reasons given for treating black people both as slaves and as second- class citizens? 4. What were the difficulties Douglas faced when attempting to escape? What was the plan for escape and what went wrong? 5. “The Sky is Gray” contrasts white and black images. Where in the story are these contrasts made and for what reasons? 6. What are the major events in both the life of Douglas and James? Why are these events important in shaping their ideas and behaviors?
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