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Chapter 3: Black Elk and “Barn Burning” Reading Questions—Due Monday 1. How did Indians decide on the names they gave people, seasons, places and events? How was this “naming process similar to earlier people in your culture? For example, many names of places and even your names relate to something in the environment. Name the landscape on page 93 (you can trace the diagram and then supply the names). What is the meaning of your name? How did your parents choose your name? 2. On what basis was a holy man appointed? What was the purpose of the holy man in Indian culture? Describe the events and visions warning Native Americans of trouble. All societies have holy men and women. What purpose do these people serve to a society? 3. Describe the games Native American children played. What was the purpose of these games? In your culture, what games are popular for children? Overall, what is the purpose of playing games (besides the fact that they are fun)?
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