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dbmeier_noun clauses and gerunds

dbmeier_noun clauses and gerunds - 33A Noun Clause and...

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33A Noun Clause and Gerunds 1. Simple sentence, noun clause subject. What Granny wants is to die peacefully. 2. Simple sentence, noun clause object Cornelia does not understand what her mother wants. 3. Simple sentence, use noun clause as subject and noun clause as object What Granny wants to know is whether God will give her a sign. 4. Simple sentence, use gerund phrase as subject Breaking the horse is a hard job for Nannie. 5. Simple sentence, use gerund phrase as object Nannie hates doing the laundry. 6. Complex sentence, adverb clause, use gerund phase as subject in the independent clause Sleeping the whole time makes Granny Weatherall tired because she wants to do something else. 7. Complex sentence, adverb clause, use gerund phrase subject in adverb clause Cornelia annoys Granny because whispering on her back makes Granny angry. 8. Complex sentence, adjective clause after subject of independent clause, use noun clause as object of independent clause Smurch, who flies around the world, knows that he will be famous.
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