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Rachael Koestartyo ESL33B 7:30-10:30 Prof. Meier 12 July 2009 Chapter 4: Nannie Alderson and “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” Reading Questions 1. Granny Weatherall, an eighty years old woman, spends her time lying on her bed because of her illness. She realizes that she will die soon, so she does not have any strength to do anything. She often hallucinates about things that she regrets and things that she wants to do but unable to do so. She remembers her husband, John, who jilted her on the altar. She wants to tell him that she finds a better man, George, to be her husband. During her life, she has been taking care of her children well, so she expects her children to take care of her in her old ages. However, she does not get what she wants. Cornelia, her daughter who lives with her, seems reluctant to take care of her. She seems to be really tired of taking care of her own mother. Her other children also leave her and seldom visit her. Granny Weatherall wants to die peacefully. She wants to meet her deceased daughter, Hapsy, when she dies. At the end, she wants God to receive her when she dies and to give her a sign. However, even God jilts her. Nannie T. Alderson, in “A Bride Goes West,” thinks that she will live a happy life after she marries Mr. Alderson and moves to Montana. She expects that the live in Montana will be better than in Union because people in Montana start to work on ranches and own cattle. However, she finds out that life in Montana is not that happy. When she arrives, she finds out that she and his husband have to stay in the temporary home because their house
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has not been built completely. Unfortunately, her temporary home was terrible. When their house is finished, Nannie at first thinks that she will be a happy housewife. However, she has to do a lot of works not only inside the house but also in the ranch. She feels that she has way too much works to do. She gradually feels that Mr. Alderson does not love her anymore because he lets her do many hard works but never helps her. Her life also threatened because she lives near the Indians. One day, a group of Indians burn Nannie’s house. My grandmother was born during the time of war. Indonesia had not gain its independence from the Netherlands, so live was really hard back then. In contrast to Nannie, my grandmother was born in a wealthy family that owned many pharmacies in East Java, Indonesia. Her live was not as hard as other child. When it came to marriage, unlike in Nannie’s story, parents were really picky. My grandmother had to fight to be with the man she chose. Her parents often disagreed with my grandmother as to whom my grandmother should marry. Many boys wanted to be with my grandmother just because my grandmother was wealthy. Therefore, my grandmother’s parents did not want my grandmother to choose the wrong guy. In contrast to “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall,” my grandmother’s children loved my grandmother so much until today. They always take a good care of my
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ch4 - Rachael Koestartyo ESL33B 7:30-10:30 Prof. Meier 12...

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