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Rachael Koestartyo ESL33B 7:30-10:30 Prof. Meier 25 July 2009 Chapter 6: Jane Addams and “Rappaccini’s Daughter” 1. Jane Addams was motivated to do her line of work when she saw poor people suffering because she, herself, also suffered from numerous ailments throughout her lifetime. Her mother died when she was very young and growing up without a figure of a mother and physically disabled made her sympathetic to other disadvantaged people. After dropping out of a medical school due to her health problems, she felt very idle, and her idleness depressed her. After her father died, the inheritance left her with enough money to live on. However, because she really wanted to be useful and to have a greater purpose in her life, she gave up her wealth to devote her life for the poor. She felt that that way she could find the meaning in her life. She could not stand living among the poor people, and she desired to get rid of poverty. Her belief came from the ideals of progressivism. She chose to live as neighbors in oppressed communities to learn from and help the marginalized members of society. She never forgot that about the humanity of her neighbors. Therefore, Hull-House gave her an opportunity to bring her commitment to social improvement, feminism, diversity, and peace to direct action. 2. The ideas and social projects of Carnegie and Addams are similar because they both believed in progressivism. They both want to make a better life for the society. Both Carnegie and Addams also refused to call their actions as charity because they believed that charity is merely a temporary transfer in wealth, while noble does not constitute real progress
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in alleviating economic disparity. They would rather call their work as social projects because they, themselves, make a close contact with people whom they will help. Carnegie and Addams dedicated their life to the disadvantaged people so that they could live a better life. They know that the best way to use up their wealth is for social programs because social programs would benefit people the most, and that’s what they really want to do. Carnegie’s and Addams’ social projects also pioneered other people to do the same as what they did. In fact, wealthy people cannot live comfortably if they always see poverty surrounding them, so they will do anything to get rid of poverty. 3.
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chapter6 - Rachael Koestartyo ESL33B 7:30-10:30 Prof Meier...

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