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dbmeier_sentence combining 2

dbmeier_sentence combining 2 - 58 Unit 2 A basic aim of...

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Unformatted text preview: 58 Unit 2 A basic aim of combining and copying sentences is to help you acquire an automatic pilot for sentence consmicrion. When you make written sen, tences automatically, you free up energy and cognitive space for planning, among other things. As a result, writing becomes easier as well as more fun. Think back to our driving analogy, and relate it to writing. When driving becomes automatic, you can concentrate on strategies (like mentally plan! ning your route for several errands)I rather than details (like shifting gears}. Equally important. your automatic pilot frees you to enjoy the pleasure of trees coming into bloom or the sounds of a Favorite FM station. The same thing is true with writing. Increased ease with sentences Frees you to think strategically about your writing. For one thing. you can create a mental map to explore a topic. For another, you can organize the beginning, middle, and end of your trip. And finally, an automatic pilot helps you get back on the main road after you’ve encountered unexpected detours. 2) Vietnam Veterans Memorial c..tw;..................................................m..-...... ................................. inn-sum ------ I ------------------------------------------------- Dedicated in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is the most visited site in Washington, DC. What is the attraction? 1.1 The Memorial lies in Constitution Gardens. 1.2 The Memorial is a wide V-shaped wall. 2.1 The wall is made of black granite. 2.2 The wall seems to rise from the earth. 2.3 The wall seems to recede into it. 3.1 Entering the Memorial is a moving experience. 3.2 The wall is inscribed with over 58,000 names. 3.3 Each refers to an American man or woman. 3.4 The man or woman was lost in Vietnam. 4.1 One sees line after line of American names. 4.2 These stretch for 250 Feet in two directions. 4.3 The enormity of the nation's loss becomes clear. 5-K The average age was nineteen. 5.2 The age was for soldiers killed in Vietnam. intermediate Combining 5.3 Marines suffered a casualty rate of 2‘1- percent. 5.4 This was for soldiers killed or wounded. 6.1 The wall is a place of quiet commemoration. 6.2 People come to acknowledge sacrifice here. 6.3 People come to remember a young face here. f 6.4 People come to express private grief here. 'i'.1 And it would not exist except for one man. 12 This was a Vietnam veteran named jan Scruggs. 7.3 He saw half of his company killed or wounded. 7.4 He barely escaped with his life. 8.1 Scruggs wanted to remember his comrades. 8.2 He wanted the nation to honor their commitment. 8.3 The nation had been divided over the Vietnam War. 8.4 The division" had been bitter. 9.1 In 1979' he became obsessed with the project. 9.2 He began work to establish a Memorial Fund. 9.3 lle began work to secure congressional approval. 9.4- The approval was for the concept of a memorial. 19.1 President lCarter signed a bill in July 1980. 10.2 The bill authorized the Memorial. 1013 The bill provided a site'for it. 10.4 Scruggs’s campaign moved into high gear. 105' The campaign was to raise private funds. Writing Tip Look for opportunities to use (but not overuse} con tors such as wire, which, and that in this exercise. __—_—_____—_—————- Al'fw‘fZ-QQEM' Great controversy surrounded the use of poli blaclt granite, which mirrors trees, sky, earth, and the people who visi Memorial. Why was black probably a good choicell __________—_————-—- ...
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