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means to meaning - Writers typically regard writing as a...

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Writing seems simple in theory because a person, having something to say, only puts down a series of sentences that are like beads on a string. However, close observation of writers reveals that if the writers are skilled, things are often more complex than simple. For example, writers often work in zigzag fashion instead of straight lines that connect points in geometry because they follow an internal logic based on hunches and discoveries. Their craft is frequently messy and unpredictable because the craft is rarely preplanned in detail.
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Unformatted text preview: Writers typically regard writing as a process for not just expressing them, but also for uncovering, inventing and clarifying meanings. Writers know from experience that words do more than dress up ideas or serve as a vehicle. The carefully revised words put on paper enabled the writers to think with depth and precision. Writing is often like a means to meaning that helps writer educate themselves and nourish their spirits....
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