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spring_awakening_darft MY VERSION-1

spring_awakening_darft MY VERSION-1 - Yingli Huang...

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Yingli Huang Critique #2 Waylon Lenk THR 101 The Age of Adolescent Spring Awakening is indeed a rock musical mixed with struggles of disobedient students and it reveals the significance of communication between old and young generations. Playwright Frank Wedekind wrote the original text in 1891, a time period when late Victorian Era was worshiped. During that period, conventional rules and cultures were valued the most. Adults educated and nurtured their children in the traditional way which they thought was proper, but the children’s curiosity and creativity was, as a result, neglected. Wedekind held the belief that “the laws of this world are for children,” so he incorporated the confusion of adolescents towards various authority figures and teenagers’ perplexed sexuality, both considered as tabooed topics with which almost every adolescent encountered in the original play without scruple. Similarly, throughout the adapted play Spring Awakening I saw, adolescents face various dilemmas and pressures from their families, school, and interpersonal relationships, and each plight is well represented by different artistic styles: the costume design, musicals, as well as conversations and interactions between characters. In order to depict the authentic historical background of the play that dates back to the late 1800s in Germany, essential elements such as a stifled school environment and student-teacher confrontation are reenacted in Spring Awakening (abbr. as Spring hereafter). As for schoolteachers in the 1890s, who represent an absolute authoritative figure, the practice of using a cane for a corporal punishment to students is common. So
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we could see in Spring
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