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00 Introductory Material - Economics 104B - Lecture Notes...

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Economics 104B - Lecture Notes – Professor Fazzari Introductory Material (Updated January 19, 2007) The introduction to the course consists of a brief summary of macroeconomic issues as well as details of what you can expect from the course. Consult the course information link on the website for the handout from today’s lecture. Some Macroeconomic Issues : you will be studying topics such as inflation, unemployment, recessions, monetary policy, and fiscal policy. Every semester there are interesting current macroeconomic issues to discuss in class. At any point in time, there are debates about the correct course of macroeconomic policy, controversies about the future direction of the economy, and political discussions about which party or candidate has the best economic package. Lectures and Reading 1. Class Attendance: Attendance in class is a very important part of the course. Experience over thousands of years shows that students get something very useful from physical presence in classes, even if there is reading that covers similar material. 2. Lecture Outline : Every class meeting Professor Fazzari will put an outline of topics to be covered for that day. This is to help you organize your notes. 3.
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00 Introductory Material - Economics 104B - Lecture Notes...

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