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Student Name ________Dayani Marrero____________ Class Section ________ENG 032_____________ Reading Module #3 On Your Own This activity in Reading Module 3 gives you two reading passages to practice applying the Three-Step Method for determining stated main ideas. Directions : Complete the activity by reading each passage and answering the questions. Do not forget to spell check and proofread your work. Note : Clues will be provided after each question to guide you in your answers for Reading #1. Clues will not be provided in Reading #2. Reading #1: The Industrial Revolution Living in the new industrial cities often meant settling for poor housing, sometimes with little heat and no sanitation. Factories offered jobs, but the pay was low, the hours were long, and the work was back-breaking and often dangerous. Many jobs involved rigid and monotonous routines amid smoke and deafening noise; moreover, supervisors closely monitored their workers and tolerated no complaint. In short, companies treated workers—especially immigrants, who spoke little English—as little more than muscle power. Because they needed wages to live, and because they were not organized to demand better working conditions, workers had little choice but to take whatever work
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engl032_wk5_reading_module_3_on_your_own_instructions-1 -...

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