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Progress Check 1.Revised 04.26.10

Progress Check 1.Revised 04.26.10 - Progress Check#1 ACTIVE...

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Progress Check #1 ACTIVE READING STRATEGIES (50 Points) PART A : List the five active reading strategies. In your own words, explain each strategy in one or two sentences. (5 pts. each for a total of 25 pts). 1, Question – In the first stage of active reading you must question what you think you will be reading. Your brain should start wondering things like: “what is the subject matter”, “why did the author write this”, “what is the author trying to tell us”, etc. By having these questions in mind, we will be more involved and connected to whatever it is that we are reading. 2. Visualize – The second stage of reading involves using your mind to visualize what it is you are reading. Creating pictures in your mind as you’re reading, will better allow you to understand what is going on. You must be able to read through similes and metaphors, while using your mind to actually make scenes in your own head. 3. Predict – The third stage of reading is prediction. You must ask yourself, “what will happen next”. You must use plot clues and things you have already read to determine what could come next. You must be careful though, as some authors like to trick the reader into thinking something is going to happen, when it really isn’t.
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