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Visiting Cuba - Visiting Cuba By Dayani Marrero DeVry...

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Visiting Cuba By: Dayani Marrero DeVry University
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Have you ever being forced to travel to a place that you don’t want to go? It happened to me when I was going to visit Cuba. Visiting Cuba helped me realize why my mom came to the United States and that I should be grateful because the people that live there do not get the same opportunities we have here. In April 2008 the skies were clear and blue. There was something so calming and serene about the almost aquamarine shade that it possessed. Only a few minor shapes roamed the sky. Many of them just looked like white puffs of cotton placed sporadically across the horizon. I was in the process of hauling my cumbersome luggage out of the backseat of the Suburban, when I heard the intense and distinct roaring of an airplane engine, as it went right above my head. I couldn’t help myself; I practically dropped my bags on the floor just to see the plane take off. I always loved looking at planes fly when I was younger, and now it was my turn to board one and be the one taking flight to Cuba. The forty-five minute plane ride from Miami to the island was uneventful to say the least. When I looked out the window of the plane I almost cried. There was absolutely nothing. It was a barren wasteland. If I thought Las Vegas was an empty desert, this was
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