WK6_Reading_Module_4 - Student Name _Dayani Marrero_ Class...

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Student Name ______Dayani Marrero______________ Class Section ______ENG032______________ Reading Module #4 On Your Own Unstated Main Ideas Directions: Complete the activity by reading each passage and answering the questions by using the three-step method for determining unstated main ideas . Note : Clues will be provided after each question to guide you in your answer for Reading #1. Clues will not be provided in Reading #2. Please spell check and proofread your work before uploading it to the Dropbox. Reading #1: Procrastination “’Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.’ That is the motto of the procrastinator. We all procrastinate to one degree or another. It becomes a major problem in your work life when important tasks or responsibilities are left undone or are completed in a slipshod manner because inadequate time was left to complete the task properly. Procrastination lowers anxiety in the short run due to the relief we feel from task avoidance. But it greatly increases our stress in the long run as tasks pile up or time
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WK6_Reading_Module_4 - Student Name _Dayani Marrero_ Class...

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