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Writing Sample In today’s American culture, television is as much of a favorite pass-time as baseball. It is said, “99.5% of all homes have television sets, and 95 percent of the population watches television every day.” With such a high value of our society being addicted to the “tube”, it is no wonder why more people know what’s going on with all of the celebrities in Hollywood, than what event is going on in the community theater. With today’s technology it is easy for anyone to have access to a television. Even the homeless can watch TV at the local train stations or as they’re passing by a store. This kind of entertainment is expanding as the resources and technology develop more. Televisions are now as common as middle names. If you go to a home where there isn’t
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Unformatted text preview: one, you probably feel out of place. I know that in my home we have 5 separate televisions. Each member of the family has one in their room, as well as one in the living room and even in the kitchen. It has become as much of our day to days as going to work or school. It isnt surprising that the number of people that watch televisions is as high as it is. With a culture like ours, where people love to be entertained and more importantly love to know whats going on, it shouldnt come as a surprise. The only thing that we have to worry about now is that the next thing to take over our culture, which it already has, is social media. Watch out television, Facebook just might become our number one entertainment in the future....
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