ResearchProcess - Read all major headings 3 Try to read the first line of every paragraph 4 Skim read with keywords in mind or use the “find”

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1. Always start with the assignment sheet. What are you being asked to do? What are your requirements? What can you achieve in the amount of pages assigned? 2. Start Researching through General Reference Sources Look at sources that give you a very broad understanding of your issue (i.e. CQ Researcher, encyclopedias). 3. Read Generally about Your Topic and Then Narrow the Scope of Your Argument. Create a working thesis and then analyze the rhetorical situation. 4. Complete More Focused Research Read scholarly journals, books, studies, etc. Always read these articles, or at least skim-read them so you know you have good info. o Tips for skim reading: 1. Always read the opening and closing paragraphs of an article or chapter. 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Read all major headings. 3. Try to read the first line of every paragraph. 4. Skim read with keywords in mind or use the “find” tool when pulling up an article on the Internet. Other General Tips for Researching; • Always look at the abstract in the library research port to get an understanding of what the article will talk about. • If you find a really good article, always look at the keyword subject line and try to use the specific keyword terminology of the databases in further web/database searches. • When you find an article that has lots of good info, always look at the bibliography of that article to find more sources that you could use....
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