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Lab Syllabus SP12 - W elcome to BSCI105 Laboratory The...

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Welcome to BSCI105 Laboratory! The laboratory portion of Principles of Biology I is designed to complement the Lecture materials and engage you in hands-on experiences with fundamental tools of experimental science. This course will focus on molecular and cell biological processes. Throughout the coming semester we will accomplish four principle goals: 1. To become familiar with common laboratory equipment and the application of modern biological techniques. 2. To demonstrate fundamental concepts in molecular and cellular biology. 3. To learn how to apply the Scientific Method to biological problems. 4. To gain experience with basic scientific communication. Your progress in accomplishing these goals will be assessed throughout the semester using worksheets, quizzes and writing assignments. At the end of the semester you will also make and present a scientific poster that demonstrates your ability understand and explain molecular and cell biological experiments of current interest. Finally, you will be expected to demonstrate your ability to use laboratory equipment and carry out procedures covered by the laboratory exercises in a Practical exam at the end of the semester. If you come on time and prepared for the laboratory exercises each week, and put an honest effort into the graded assignments, you should find this a straightforward, valuable and hopefully interesting experience. Keep in mind that this is a course designed for science majors , to provide experiences that lay the groundwork for future coursework in the physical and life sciences. As such you will be expected to have or obtain a familiarity with certain concepts and knowledge not directly covered by the laboratory exercises. Contacts • Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) Office: 1243 HJ Patterson Hall 301-405-7572 • Laboratory Coordinator (Dr. Keller): 1222 HJ Patterson Hall 301-405-7569 [email protected] The TA for your Section should be your primary contact, however you should feel free to contact Dr. Keller with any questions or concerns that might arise. ANY TA, not just your own, can help you with questions about labs or the lecture during office hours in HJP 1243. TA office hours will be posted on the door to HJP 1243. Dr. Keller has office hours by appointment, or simply drop by. Registration You must be registered for the Section of BSCI105 that you attend. You may not switch sections except by valid drop/add through the Registrar. If you are waitlisted , you cannot attend a lab until you are moved off of the waitlist and into a regular Section. Make-up assignments for labs missed while on the waitlist must be completed within one week after attending your first lab.
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Lab Web Resources Each Section will have access to a Lab Webpage through ELMS/Blackboard at Simply log in using your University Directory ID and Password (the same as for e-mail). From Blackboard your will have access to lab materials and instructor information, take online quizzes, communicate with other students and track your grades for all
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Lab Syllabus SP12 - W elcome to BSCI105 Laboratory The...

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