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9/22/2011 Sociology Culture: ideas, practices and material objects that allow a group of people, even and entire society to carry out there collectiveness Material culture- Refers to all of the material objects, the “stuff” that are manifestations, of culture (clothes, houses, tombstones, iPods toys….) Symbolic culture- Aspects of culture that exist in non-material forms (values, norms, meanings, ideologies). Symbolic culture is in many ways more important for sociologists that material culture. 9/27/2011 Ideal vs. Real Culture: The difference between what people ought to do and what they actually do
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Unformatted text preview: -Meritocratic ideals -Monogamy -Feminine vulnerability, masculine toughness -“Not caring about what other people think” Social structure- refers to structures, often organizations, composed of person enacting roles and organized in a status hierarchy-In order to get a handle on motives, interests, and consequences, we locate individuals within social structures. Merchants of Cool: Social structure: Culture:- Merchants of cool /media- Sense of cool- What teens look for to define Individuality?- What teen’s value...
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