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Sociology 7 - intended message Culture of love what does...

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9/23/2011 Sociology Discussion Culture- the ideas, practices and material objects that allow a group of people, even and entire society, to carry out their collective lives and that mean a great deal to the people involved Values- the broadest aspects of culture, the general and aspect standards defining what a group or society as a whole considers good, desirable, right, or important, they are a group’s or a society’s ideals Norms- informal rules that guide what you do and how you live 9/29/2011 Sociology Culture jamming- involves the sub version of various forms of pop-culture, especially those associated with the mass media, with the objective of radically transforming the
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Unformatted text preview: intended message. Culture of love- what does love actually mean to people? How does culture lead to action? :-People do not have a single, unified set of attitudes, beliefs, or vales-There are many and some are even contradictory Culture in action:-Swidler asserts that we can not study culture but studying the publically available reparative of expressive symbols-People draw creatively from a pool of ideas about love in order to o Make a sense of their experiences o Formulating a strategy of action...
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