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Sociology 14 - -Cultural Capital taste disposition knowledge-Wealth vs Income Wife Swap and Social class-Food-Internationalism-Education

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10/28/2011 Sociology Discussion Paper Proposal- - What is the scale - Movie that applies to your scale - Analysis- use readings from class Concepts - Stratification - Socioeconomic status - Absolute vs. Relative Poverty - Meritocracy- if you work hard you can make money (American dream) - Downward vs. Upward Mobility - Intergenerational vs. Intragenerations Mobility
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Unformatted text preview: -Cultural Capital- taste, disposition, knowledge -Wealth vs. Income Wife Swap and Social class- -Food-Internationalism-Education expectation -Leisure -Time -Language-Job tittle -Gender -Tidiness Education and Poverty level -Most impoverished people have no high school diploma -Wealthiest have the most education...
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