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9/08/11 Sociology Sociological Theory Marx and Marxism: Capitalism is but one economic system Feudalism- a system characterized by a class who owns arable land and an exploited peasantry who were allowed to subsist in exchange for farming the land. There was no labor market. Marx’s ideas on capitalism- characterized by 2 classes, the capitalist (bourgeoisie) and the worker (proletariat) Marx and the labor theory of value- 1) Workers add value to a commodity by applying their muscles and mental energy 2) Profit for the capitalist is only possible if the worker is paid a smaller wage for producing a commodity than was the value added to the commodity
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Capitalist exploit workers because the value produced by workers labor does not belong to them Use value labor time profit & exploitation The battle line Marx and alienation-Workers are external to their work because they don’t need it for survival, work does not primarily satisfy the needs of the worker, it satisfies needs external to the worker Why do we put up with it? :-Marx thinks the worker has a false consciousness-A states in capitalism where the proletariat do not truly understand their own exploitation and many even believe that capitalism benefits them...
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