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9/09/11 Sociology discussion Marx: - Labor theory of value - Exploitation - Alienation - False Consciousness - Class Consciousness Max Weber: Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism Rationalization- the process by which practices of formal rationality- or opting for the most efficient or direct means to a given end- come to dominate society “Iron cage” of rationality, for weber “the central problem is the control that formally rational (rationalized) structures (ex- capitalism, bueaucrcracy) exercised over us in virtually all aspects of life” McDonaldization- the process by which the principle f the fast food industry come to dominate society- this is tied to rationalization -Efficiency –speed /taking out unnecessary steps
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Unformatted text preview: -Calculability- exactly how much each component costs -Control- everything is the same no matter where you are, leads to predictability, and more profit-Predictability- knowing what the product is going to be-Irrationality of Rationality Negatives- -No originality -Poor quality -Food safety McDonaldization of the sex industry- -One formula can not be right for everyone -People are expecting something very specific and if they dont get it they get very disappointed -All women are marketed in the same way required to look certain way McDonaldization has positive and negative effect and used is situation in which food is not ever involved....
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