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9/16/11 Sociology discussion Stanford prison experiment: - 17971- Philip Zimbardo, Stanford University - What are the psychological effects of being either a prisoner or an officer? - Was it ethical to do this study? - Are there any potential biases? -Was not a random sample - What about reliability/validity in this study? - What are the implications of Zimbardo being directly involved in a position of authority within the experiment? Designing a Study: Immigrants working as dishwashers in college park, how are they treated by their
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Unformatted text preview: employers, and their job experiences? Method- Confidential interviews, observation, survey comparing all the different jobs in the restaurants -Random equal sample from each restaurant in the university -It is repeatable because we are taking a random sample, you would have to observe all sides the immigrant workers, non immigrant workers and there bosses, also observe different jobs and see if the dishwashers are treated differently than everyone else. -Concerns- Confidentiality, workers jobs in jeopardy...
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