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10/11/2011 Sociology Exam Review Multiple-choice 50 questions - - Straight forward vocab in bold from readings (Ritzer text, Kimmel text) - Look up italic words - Apply the meaning of concepts - Videos from class / notes - Know authors of readings - Marx- o Conflict perspective/ conflict theory o Different social classes - Durkheim- o Favor of a structure o Structural functionalism - Vabber o Rationalization - Killing us softly video, Jene Kilmore
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Unformatted text preview: o Differences between men and women o Causes social issues, impacts how people view the world o Objectifying women, causing harmful effects on women o De-humanizes women o Men should care because- media divides masculine and feminine qualities, but we are not the conceptual boxes, the culture does not give space to be themselves (men crying)...
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