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Unformatted text preview: Com 100 Intro to Communication Professor Vincent Waldron FAB 142s, 602-543-6634 Day 1 Welcome! Introductions Name cards Politeness rules & attendance Syllabus (summary) Blog #1 Role Play? Welcome to Com 100 Focus: messages, media, audiences, processes of communication Who am I? Who are you? (most interesting person?) Why study Communication? Personal & workplace competence Preparation for future classes Skill development (speaking, group, literacy) Communication Studies? Communication: The process of managing messages to create meaning What is competent communication? Contexts (places) of communication Communication careers "relations careers", PR, corporate communications, media, sales, human services, health communication, management, training, recruiting.... Succeeding in Com 100 Attendance Organization (stay on schedule); read chapters Write carefully Study hard for tests (study groups) Complete all public speaking "steps" Read and follow instructions for all assignments Participate Ask questions! Apply to your life. Syllabus Office hours Key policies & attendance Blackboard Text and assigned readings Assessment 10 short writing assignments (pass/fail) Public speaking (CALL lab) 3 Exams (no "final" exam) Politeness Rules: Lecture Halls Be on time Cell phones off, put out of site If you leave, don't return No headphones No text messaging Laptops in front or back rows No distractions of other students General rule: Mutual respect Role Play Role #1 (driver): You were caught speeding on a residential street. The speed limit was 25mph but you were doing 40mph. Yikes! You look in the mirror only to notice the flashing lights of a patrol car. You hope the officer is chasing someone else and keep driving along, nonchalantly. Ah, now the office is pointing you to the side of the road. Busted (for the second time this year). What will you say or do to convince the officer you deserve just a "warning"? Role #2 (police officer): You are annoyed. But listen and respond accordingly. Role Play questions Context? (rules, roles, expectations) Verbal behaviors? Nonverbal behaviors? Motivation-knowledge-skills Goals? Task, identity, relational ...
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