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sociology20 - Heterosexual Privilege Sexuality is organized...

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11/22/2011 Sociology Sexual Inequality Policing Masculinity Discourse- the meanings behind conversations and symbols and the meaning making practices shared by a group of people who hold certain ideas in common “Fag Discourse”- an interactional process through which boys name and repudiate an abjected “fag” identity. Pays attention to the meaning behind the word “fag” and how it is used. Homophobia- attitude/socially approved dislike of gays. The presumption that they are inferior to straight people Heterosexism- derived from homophobia, set of practices heterosexism may be more pervasive (assumption that people have to be straight)
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Unformatted text preview: 11/29/2011 Heterosexual Privilege Sexuality is organized by Gender -Masculine men have sex with many women-Men are relatively unable to control their sexual desire -Women are able to control their sexual desire-Men are envied for having sex with a lot of women-Women are shamed for having sex with a lot of men Queer Theory – calls for sexuality to be looked at not only as a discrete area of sexual practices and identities, but also as a consistent element of social life Normativity: Knowledge Church Science Discipline Central power Self Policeing Act Identity Policing Masculinity...
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