sociology21 - 95 will have health care-Medicaid coverage is...

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12/01/2011 Sociology The Body, Medicine, Health and Health Care Foucault’s Work on the body - In the birth Clinic- Medicine moved form fascination with disease to the body - Discipline and Punish- transformation in the way the body was handled, move form technologies of torture to surveillance technologies, ultimately leading people to servile themselves - Panopticon- when people think they are being watched they will police themselves The Body - Reflexivity- A heightened awareness of your body and yourself more generally. We live in a time of increasing reflexivity - Growing concern with our bodies can be likened to a growing awareness and fascination with sexuality - One wonders why it is that we see an explosion of technologies aimed at altering our bodies Medicalization - The tendency to label as an illness a phenomenon that was not previously considered an illness (child birth, female orgasm, alcoholism) Health Care Reform in the US - Health insurance is to be extended to an additional 32 million people, by 2019
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Unformatted text preview: 95% will have health care -Medicaid coverage is expanded to poor allowing incomes of up to 133% of the poverty line -All American will be required to have health insurance -Employers with more that 50 employees will be required to provide health insurance for them -Health insurance companies will be unable to reject people with pre-existing conditions Social and Economic Determinants of Health Social and economic conditions Health Outcomes -Prenatal health care -Stress from prejudice and discrimination leads to a “weathering effect”-“John Henryism” – many African American men work extra hard to prove themselves Health Selection theory – the relationship between lower income and higher morbidity may be spurious ? Low-income High mortality Drift Explanation- health may cause social position Economic Conditions Health Outcomes...
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sociology21 - 95 will have health care-Medicaid coverage is...

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