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HLTH130 Syllabus-Spring 2012 Final-1

HLTH130 Syllabus-Spring 2012 Final-1 - University of...

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University of Maryland College Park School of Public Health HLTH 130 – Introduction to Public and Community Health Semester: Spring 2012 Classroom: Time: SPH 1312 Tuesday/Thursday: 2:00-3:15 pm Instructor: Phone: Email: Donna Howard, DrPH, MPH (301) 405-2520 [email protected] Office Hours: T,TH- 3:30-4:30 or By Appointment Office: 2372 SPH Graduate Assistant: Phone: Email: Daisy Le, MA/MPH (301) 405-7875 [email protected] By Appointment Office: 1101H SPH Note: Near the Gymkana Gym (on the other side of the building; one floor above the vending machines) Required Texts & Other Readings: Schneider, Mary-Jane. Introduction to Public Health . Maryland: Aspen Publishers, Inc., 3 rd edition, 2011 (ISBN number: 978-0-7637-6381-7). In addition to the text, a series of journal Articles/Essays/Book Reviews and candid interviews with prominent scholars and practitioner in the field of public health ( View Point ) , will be required reading. These, along with all other course materials, can be found on the course Blackboard (BB) . Course Description This course is tailored to students who may have an interest in pursuing a career in public health and those who are majors in Behavioral and Community Health (BCH). It aims to expose students to the connections between their personal world and the field of public health. Students will acquire information on diverse ways in which the public’s health is viewed, safeguarded, and challenged. Consideration will be given to historical and contemporary forces and their impact on public health. Settings where public health is practiced and roles of public health professionals will be highlighted. Course Learning Objectives By the conclusion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Recognize the ways in which advances in public health affect personal lives; 2. Describe the multiple settings where public health is practiced; 3. Identify various roles for public health professionals; 4. Discuss ethical issues related to provision/safeguard of the public’s health; 5. Discuss the potential gains and challenges facing the field of public health.
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Program Competencies Addressed in this Course The following competencies for the Community Health Degree Program are addressed in this course: 1. Communicate and advocate for health and health education 2. Serve as a health education resource person 3. Advance the profession of health education Course Requirements Students are expected to attend class regularly, participate in class discussions and complete required readings PRIOR TO THE CLASS SESSION FOR WHICH IT IS ASSIGNED. There will be 3 exams and a final, cumulative exam. Each exam will consist of multiple choice, fill-in and/or short answer questions and will cover material from class lectures and the assigned readings. Please check the class Blackboard every week for announcements!
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