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I NTRODUCTION   TO  S OCIOLOGY   Sociology 100: Sections: 0601-0609 Fall 2011 C OURSE  D ESCRIPTION This course is designed to be a broad introduction to the field of sociology. We will encounter some of the most influential theories used by sociologists to think about the social world, and many of the methods sociologists employ to investigate it. We will discuss and acquire a familiarity with the concepts sociologists typically use in their work. For instance, students will gain an understanding of what is meant by culture and how culture is different from social structure . As the semester unfolds, we will gain a familiarity with how sociologists take up the issue of inequality, with particular emphasis on those inequalities pertaining to race, class, gender, and sexuality. This is a CORE Distributive Studies course (Area D: Social and Behavioral Sciences). Distributive Studies courses are designed to ensure you will take a look at several different academic disciplines and the ways they create and analyze knowledge about the world (see the CORE website at ). Instructor – Contact Information and Schedule Instructor : Lester Andrist Email : [email protected] Office Location: 1108 ASY Office Hours : Mondays 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, or by appointment Lecture : Tues, Thur: 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm (2203 ASY) Discussion: Fridays (see below) Teaching Assistants - Contact Information and Schedules Tyler Myroniuk Ann Horwitz Anya Galli Sections 0604 (10 pm, 0114 EDU) 0602 (9 am, 3203 ASY) 0601 (8 am, 3221 ASY) 0609 (12 pm, 3219 ASY) 0605 (11 am, 1101 TYD) 0603 (10 am, 1158 PLS) 0608 (2 pm, 3219 ASY) 0607 (1 pm, 1108 HBK) 0606 (12 pm, 3203 ASY)
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Email [email protected] [email protected] m [email protected] Office hours Fri, 11a - 12p, 1p - 2p (1118 ASY) Tue, 2p-4p (4108 ASY) Thu, 1:30p-2:30p; Fri, 9a-10a (3122C ASY) R EQUIRED  T EXTBOOKS , S UPPLEMENTAL  R EADINGS AND  F ILMS We will be using an early draft of a textbook written by sociologist George Ritzer . I have also included a number of supplemental excerpts to fill out the reading schedule. All of the readings are either online or can be accessed on Blackboard ( ). During the semester, we will also watch a number of short clips and full-length feature films in class. Many of these clips can be accessed on The Sociological Cinema , which is a site I have developed in collaboration with two other sociologists ( ). U SING  B LACKBOARD The website for this course is hosted by Blackboard, an online course development tool that is used in classes throughout the University of Maryland. Logging onto Blackboard will give you access to the course syllabus and all supplemental readings. You may check your grades and your progress in the course, and you may use Blackboard to communicate with other students in the class. Any student who cannot successfully log onto Blackboard should contact me as early as
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Socy100_Syllabus_1230P_F11-2 -...

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